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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hyper-V Technology:- Five Easy Steps to install Hyper-V for Virtualization in Server 2008

Virtualization refers to the concept  of having multiple operating systems (OS) in a single PC. The installed OS can be Linux, Fedora, Windows, Solaris etc.

Hyper-V Technology in Windows Server 2008
HYPER-V is the latest release server role for Virtualization in Windows Server 2008 that allows you to run multiple OS in your single PC. The license for Virtual Server is free if you use Windows Server 2008.

If you are ready for Virtualization then here is the 5 simplest steps to install it.
Installing Hyper-V is very easy and supported by Windows Server 2008. However my recommendation is windows server R2 with service pack 2. Its good for Hyper-V.
Step 1: Goto control panel>>Administrative Tools>>Roles>>Add Roles

Step 2: From Select Server Roles, check on hyper-v.
Step 3: check Network Adapter (this helps you communicate with the virtual machine).

Step4: Next you get to the confirmation Section. You will see a dialogue box similar to this one.

Step 5: Hit the NEXT button and the installation process begins. You must see the following dialogue box

Now that your installation process is complete, you will get the screen display as:

Now the PC is virtualized by HYPER-V and you can start now multiple OS in your single PC. :)

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