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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Creating a Virtual Machine in Microsoft Virtual PC

Hi,  in this Post you will get to know how to Create Virtual Machine in Microsoft Virtual PC

1.    Open Virtual PC and click on New.

2.    In the New Virtual Machine Wizard click Create a Virtual Machine.
3.    In the Virtual Machine Name and Location click to browse to point to the location where you want to place your new VM. Note that the best location for the VM is on a separate disk and NOT on the same physical disk as your 

4.    In the Operating System window select your required guest operating system. Note the large list of Microsoft-based operating systems. If you plan to install a non-Microsoft OS then choose "Other". 

5.    In the Memory window note that Virtual PC tries its best to determine the recommended amount of RAM to allocate to the new Guest VM based upon your selection in the previous step. You can manually change that setting. 

6.    In the Virtual Hard Disk Options window click to select A New Virtual Hard Disk. If you've already created the hard disk in a different manner (read my "How to create a new Virtual Machine (Hyper-V) " article for more info), then select An Existing Hard Disk. 

7.    In the Virtual Hard Disk Location window browse to the location of the new hard disk, and give it a proper name. Try to be as specific as possible and try to place each VM in its own folder. You need to specify the size of the new virtual hard disk. Make sure you'll have enough space on it to install whatever OS that you want, and also plan for any additional software or services.

Note: Virtual PC uses dynamically expanding disks, meaning they start out as small .VHD files, but the VM itself "sees" them in their full size. As space is taken on the virtual hard disk by the VM, the size of the .VHD file increases.
10.    When you're done click Finish. Your new VM is ready to boot.

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